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November 25th 2006

Wow. What else can I say, except for... I don't know. Words cannot describe how bad I feel about the break in schedule. I have been a busy little bastard, though. There has been much to do for the Forsaken Angel project, which has taken up a major chunk of time outside of the real job. That and just life in general, has made this a piss poor time to try and keep up with a comic, but I feel back on the ball now, and comics should start coming at a regular pace now. (Thank god...) So of course, I'd like to invite you to come see the Forsaken Angel project forum to see what we've been up to, Also, I Now have a DeviantArt page now, if you want to check that out as well. And of course check out the store, I put up some super keen new tshirts and mugs! Aaaannnnd commissions can be ordered through my email,
Thanks to those who have hung in there... I really appreciate all of you and your patience. You rock.

You can also catch me online from time to time on AIM and YahooIM. My screen name is fatmonkeymcgee

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