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Ransom Ulysses Nash: Height:5'9" Age:27 Aries, Blood Type: A
The ever romantic looser. He's been trampled on by women his entire life. Wants to be a writer, but had his talent and imagination all but washed away by the advertising industry. Right now, he just wants to be happy.
Musical taste: Pixies, The Cat Empire, The Weakerthans, The Tragicly Hip, Hot,Hot,Heat, The Firey Furnaces, The Decemberists, Tori Amos, Bikini Kill, The Sugarcubes, Nirvana, Blind Mellon, Mother Love Bone.

Araceli Elenore Nash: Height:5'5" Age:24 Pices, Blood Type: B
Almost as honest and kind as Ransom, but infected with a bizarre and twisted sense of humor. Probably Ransom's bestest, best friend in the world. pity anyone who becomes their target, for they are the crowned rulers of the land of sarcasm.
Musical taste: Modest Mouse, Black Crows, Wierd "Al" Yankovich, Bloodhound Gang, Violent Femmes, Counting Crows, Train.

Rachel Sams: Height:5'7" Age:26 Sagittarius, Blood Type: AB
intelligent, kind and honest. The girl next door type. The first to tell you whats on her mind. Very blunt, and at times, very gullible.
Musical taste: Mellissa Ethridge, Anouk, Belly, Animal Collective, Tori Amos.

Jayson ??? Height:6'1" Age:24 Virgo, Blood Type: AB BJ ??? Height:6'0" Age:24 Aquarius, Blood Type: B

What can be said about this derelict duo? Jayson is the Chandler to BJ's Joey. (if this were a crappy, trite, wittless sitcom.) Self-proclaimed hetrosexual life partners, best freinds since kindergarden, roomates since leaving highschool. Jayson works as a fabricator (welder) for a heavy equipment rental company, and BJ, (God help us,) is a jet mechanic for Borizon Airlines. Not the Brightest pair, nor the sanest, but definately a good set of freaks to have on your side. (You sure as hell wouldn't want them against you!)
Jayson's musical taste: Nirvana, White Stripes, Incubus, Audioslave, Lynard Skynard.
BJ's musical taste: System of a Down, Incubus, Saliva, Good Charlott, all that numetal crap.

Mercedes Brittany Worthington: Height:5'7" Age:27 Cancer, Blood Type: O
Mercedes is "evil bitch" personafied. Voted most likely to give a handjob to Satan. May possibly have other ties to the dark forces as well. Manipulative, heartless and cruel.
Musical taste: R+B, Top 20. Whatever's fed into her feeble mind by the masses.

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