Sam and Fuzzy. One of the first Webcomics I found, and subsequently, fell in love with instantly. I love Sam's style!

Loserz. Relevant stories, slick art, funny as all get out. Always a favorite.

Count your Sheep. Cute as hell and just as funny. So good, there’s no need for cussing, sex, or drug refrences. (I wish I could pull that off.) "Now go to bed"

Lowroad75. I have no clue what the hell the title means, but hey. The same could be said for Upheaval. I realy dig the sepia-ish look. Bloody incredible art. Great writing, and well worth a long look and a bookmark, people. Plus he's comicgen bretheren. Yeah... I know.

Questionable Content. A must. Great story. Jeph puts out one of the best quality Webcomics on the net, every day. It amazes me. He’s done so well, in fact that this is now his job. I’m so bloody jealous.

Grim Tales From Down Below. My fave of Bleedman’s right now. A-may-zing art and a creative twist on familiar characters. Also check out Bleedman’s PPG comic (on hiatus) as well. Just as good!

Butternutsquash. Great art. Awesome writing. Damn funny. I know Ramon and Rob work themselves feckin’ silly at their many other jobs. We’re lucky they’ve enough time to entertain us as much as they do.

Anime Arcadia. Another with great art and story. Always cracks me up. One of my all time faves, for good reasons.

Resident Dysentery
Flux has some realy great extra material there. The story is not one you'd expect... even better. He's from Oregon, I hear, which is a plus. Well worth a bookmark.

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