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Okay. A bit about the characters.
Ransom, Araceli, Jayson and BJ all come from a small town in the Pacific Northwest. (Rachel, by the way is from the same area, but a different town.) Currently they all reside in Portland. Rachel and Ransom dated for about four years. They met in high school, fell instantly in love and eventually attended OSU together. Ransom graduated a year before Rachel, (he majored in communications and creative writing, minoring in psychology and applied arts. whew!) Shortly after he left college, he had a call with Rachel, where she told him there was someone else, and it would be better if they didn’t see each other for a while. Unbeknownst to her, he had bought a ring, and was about to propose later that week.
Well, Ransom, being the overdramatic bitch that he is, moved away and got a job in Chicago at an ad agency. He had felt that he had essentially sold his soul to the corporate monster, and while at (what he believed to be,) his lowest, he met Mercedes. Turns out she’s the daughter of the president of the company Ransom works for. After a bit of dating, Ransom is moved quickly up to Junior VP in charge of sales. Not at all where he wanted to be. All his life, he wanted to be a writer. Fantastic stories and images flowed from his overactive imagination. Now he was watching it all slowly drip away. His dreams became all but non-existent, his ideas stopped coming and he felt himself reforming his pieces into a management automaton.
Somewhere along the way, as all else faded, so did his self-confidence. Mercedes became cold and cruel. A manipulative beast that constantly reminded him how he would be nothing without her. All it would take is a call to Daddy and he would be out on the streets. I was true. She had him by the balls. He was essentially forced into an engagement, and while he kept working on putting the date off, he knew he would eventually end up sinking even lower and marrying this… woman.
He began pouring himself into the work he hated. Working late into the night and during weekends. He passed it off as wanting to provide for her as she had grown used to, but in reality it was nothing more than a way to keep away from her. As time went on, he began to question her fidelity, and sure enough, he had eventually caught her cheating on him. Myself, I would think that after all he had gone through, put up with, and given up, it wouldn’t phase him. He’d just say, “Eh, fuck it. At least now she can direct her attention away from me.” but apparently, that was just enough. The proverbial ,“last straw” if you will. Something in him snapped, and he broke it off with Mercedes. (after breaking the guy‘s nose, a couple ribs and an arm.) Luckily he had the foresight (or lack of trust) to have his salary deposited into an independent bank, far from her talons. Of course he was fired in less than 24 hrs, so he had it all packed up, and decided to move back to Portland to try another fresh start.
Whew. That was long-winded. Sorry about that. The rest from that point is pretty self-explanatory, or at least will be gone through soon enough and I’m not about to set up any spoilers so soon. I can say that if you think you can guess where it’s going? You’ll be wrong. There are some huge surprises up ahead, and let me tell you; I don’t usually get so excited about a story, especially since I know where it’s going, but this thing surprises even me, at times. We’re in for a great ride here. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I am writing it!

About me:
Well, if you care, here’s a little about me. Yeah, I’m from the Pacific Northwest, but none of this is based on anything. Maybe a couple of characters, but nothing directly. I just know the area and dialect, so it only seemed fitting. I live in Europe now. Enjoying teaching and putting out as much art and writing as I can muster. I’m an animal lover, hopeless romantic, and a terrible speller. Upheaval came to me as a surprise. I never meant to come up with this story. It was going to be something trite and unimaginative, but all this just flowed out of me, like from a dream. All work is done by hand, penciled, inked with brush, scanned in and touched up on my HP Pavilion using the GIMP. An excellent image manipulation freeware program. Check it out. I like it almost better than Photoshop. I’d like to work more with some better equipment, like Rapidograph pens and/or a Wacom tablet, but as poor as I am, that isn’t until the far future. (donations welcome! hint, hint.)
All questions and/or comments are eagerly welcomed. I would prefer using the forums, but if there is something you want to say that you don’t want to be seen in the forum. Hit contact me, and shoot me an email! Also check out the shop. I’ll be having some cool merchandise going up, and any suggestions or wish lists from the material you’d like to see on any given product, let me know! Also, I am accepting commissioned art requests as well.
Tchuss! -Jeff

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